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5 Kva Solar Inverter with 5 KWh Lithium battery for home

5 Kva Solar Inverter with 5 KWh Lithium battery for home

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The world is moving towards newer technology, Higher efficiency products, Globe Solar introduces Power backup system powered with a Lithium battery.


5 kVA inverter and 5 kWh Lithium battery is sufficient enough to cater a home power needs to run 6-10 lights, 3-4 fans, 1 television, 1 refrigerator,  1 Grinder, Juicer machine, along with charging a couple of mobiles and laptop. The lithium battery has a capacity to store 5,000-watt power inside it. 


This set up replaces the old traditional system in which a customer generally buys a 5 kVA inverter and 4 Nos. of 150 Ah Lead-acid battery. 



  • 2 -4 hours battery full charge time
  • Double the life from Lead-acid battery having 2000 cyclic life.
  • Digital display in the battery to check charging levels 
  • Portable, lightweight, Aesthetically makes the home looks beautiful
  • Maintenance Free - No water top up required as it was in lead-acid batteries. 
  • Specifications

    Peak Load Handling capacity (AC Side)

    5,000 watt

    Solar Panel Support

    4500 watt


    IoT Based



    Battery Capacity

    5,000-Watt Hour

    Battery rating

    100 Ah / 51.2 Volt

    Battery operating range

    Low battery – 44.0 Volt

    Full charged - 56.6 Volt 


    Inverter – Microtek



    Backup time

    @ 2000 watts

    @ 1500 watts

    @ 1000 watts

    @ 400 watts

    @ 300 watts

    2 hours 30 hours

    3 hours 

    4 hours 30 minutes

    11 hours

    15 hours

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