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Globe Solar

End To End Solution For Solar Power Plant

Globe Solar is part of the “ThinkSmart Globe Private Limited”. At Globe Solar, we provide renewable energy solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and government clients.

We believe that integrating solar and storage solutions as part of your business or organisation’s energy future just makes sense. Going solar is more practical, reliable and cost effective. Keeping this in mind, we provide the smartest solar energy solution, customised to your specific needs.

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Address from Deepak Singh

Solar energy, an important type of clean energy, is becoming increasingly indispensable as global energy demand constantly grows. Over the past few years, India's Solar industry has been developing vigorously. With the continuous expansion of the global market, Solar industry is speeding up to enter tens of thousands of households with broad prospects.
Since its establishment, Globe Solar has established the mission of “Bringing benefits to mankind through developing solar energy.” Globe Solar has adhered to this pursuit and worked diligently to achieve the vision of “be a great company”. Globe Solar tries to serve the country through the industry and bring the energy from the sun to the entire INDIA.

In the future, Globe Solar will continue to forge ahead with the spirit of “Sincerity, Simplicity, Reverence, and Gratitude.” We will continue to put efforts into researching and developing photovoltaic technologies, providing high-quality products and services to the customers so as to promote the development of renewable energy and improve mankind’s living environment.

Deepak Singh

About Us

Join The Solar Revolution In India With GLOBE SOLAR

Solar photovoltaic power (PV) is one of the fastest growing segments of the global renewable power generation. The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts that the total global solar photovoltaic power generation will reach 1,121TWh by 2022.

We are leading service provider with expertise in Solar Panel Module installations. We offer a mixed range of solar products at the best price . In present scenario everybody is looking for an option for their electrical power requirements. At Globe Solar, we offer personal and commercial solar PV modules as per client requirement.

Globe Solar was established  by experienced executives in the Indian Solar Industry who is a dynamic and energetic company dedicated to developing on‐grid and off‐grid solar power projects in India, focusing on the rooftop segment. Globe Solar is constantly working to keep Pace with rapid technological evolution and deliver quality products and services. Solar panels also called Photovoltaic or Solar PV is a type of Solar Cell System that uses semiconductor technology to convert energy from sun light into Electricity

Our primary focus is in supply of solar based products and related accessories. We also specialize in offering Engineering Procurement and Construction services, system integration and automation and monitoring.  

Currently we supply superior quality solar energy products like various types of solar charge controller, Street Light Luminary, Solar Lantern, DC LED Bulb and continuously doing R&D for the same to improve quality and meeting customer advanced needs.

Globe Solar also providing services and solutions for integration/installation and consultation by highly skilled and dedicated professionals for On-grid and off-grid solar power modules. We are a full service solar company and provide comprehensive solutions including engineering, financing, permits, installation and on‐going monitoring for distributed solar modules across India.

With over 20 years of experience of our team across a diverse range of industries and background, we’re able to answer questions and help simplify the process of going solar—for businesses, schools, homes and public organizations alike.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a sustainable future through solar energy so that the country can thrive in future and develop to its maximum potential, for better living standards of the people.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the most innovative energy solutions for our customers by our expert technical team in executing and operating the projects efficiently. We’re working to maintain the highest standards of our quality, safety and environmental sustainability.

Deepak Singh

The Journey So Far:

Mr. Deepak Singh laid the foundation of Globe Solar in 2020 with the intention to make Globe Solar a recognized brand, wonderful fraternity of employees and a trusted service provider to its clients.

Mr. Singh has over 20 years of experience in diversified fields ranging from Telecom Services and Green Energy. He has been instrumental in building organisations from scratch and making them into powerhouses in their respective sectors.

Some notable ventures of Mr. Singh include Pace Connect Private Limited (end to end service provider for all telecom needs), Figtips (one stop solution provider for all financial services such as Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management, Wealth Advisory and so on).

Since inception, Globe Solar has focussed on providing quality service to its clients. To name a few of its clients:

  • Dr. AK Singh | Freedom Fighter Enclave New Delhi - 15 KVA 

  • Ram Gopal & Sons | Commercial Solar | Old Faridabad  - 52 KVA

  • Ashok Memorial School | Commercial Solar | Faridabad  - 125 KVA

  • Atul Sharma | Ramesh Nagar Delhi | 20 KVA

The clientele list is indicative of the fact that Mr. Singh and his team are capable of delivering quality service across geographies. The diversified list of clients showcases their capability in doing the same.

The company stands true towards its purpose of providing clean, green and affordable energy to it clients.

Types of Solar System


On Grid Solar System

Working of On Grid Solar Power Plant-System The grid connect inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into 240 V AC electricity, which can then be used by the property/household. If a grid connect system is producing more power than is being consumed, the surplus is fed into the mains power grid to Govt. Govt will adjust the same in your next electricity bill or pay you for the same.


"If you have a reliable grid (Less then 2 hours power/electricity cut in day time) and only want to reduce/save your electricity bill, These On-grid Solar Power Plant Systems are recommended for you."

Off-Grid Solar System

Off-Grid a battery based Solar Power Plant will supply electricity from Solar Panels. In the day time solar will run the connected load and balance energy storage in the form of a battery bank through Solar Inverter to provides a buffer and control flexibility to allow optimum use of the renewable energy source without jeopardizing the robustness and quality of power delivered to the customer. The system controller will monitor and measure how much energy is being produced by the solar array, it has the ability to harvest the maximum possible energy. In the event of large availability of solar power and less load, it will be possible to store the energy in the battery and to cater the load simultaneously. The battery bank will allow excess solar energy to be stored and used later on when required.In effect the battery bank will provide flexibility and supply.


If you are facing power-cut problem or don't have a reliable grid and also want to reduce your electricity bill, then Off-Grid Solar Power Plant is recommended to you


Hybrid Solar System

When choosing a Solar system for your home, institute, business or industry, mostly choose either an ON-GRID or an OFF-Grid system. But now one more option is available and this is HYBRID SOLAR SYSTEM. A Hybrid Solar Power Plant is a combination of On-Grid and Off-grid Solar System, a grid connected system with the ability to feed surplus electricity to the Govt. Grid including extra peace of mind of a battery backup. It means that even during a power-cut your system will work, you still have electricity. Hybrid combination of Solar Energy storage with a grid connected, systems provide the flexibility of being able to store the power to batteries you generate during the day time instead of feeding it back into the Govt. grid and the same energy can be used in the evening instead of buying from Govt. grid at a higher price.

Some of Our Projects


15 KW  Residencial

Dr A K Singh

25 KW

Mr Nishant Gaikwad
Pune, Maharastra

Residencial Noida.jpeg

18 KVA Commercial

DLF Faridabad

50 KVA

Nuh Industrial Area


50 KVA

Old Faridabad

120 KVA

Alwar Indutrial Area


145 KVA

Ashok Memorial School 
Faridabad Haryana

80 Kva



45 KVA

Sector 62, Noida


The level of service and attention to detail at this company is exemplary. I would strongly recommend anyone interested in solar power to check out Globe Solar first. Installation went very smoothly and they were very attentive to our needs/schedule.

Ramanpreet Singh

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