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solar pcu nxt+ 12.5 KVA / 120 Volt off grid hybrid inverter

solar pcu nxt+ 12.5 KVA / 120 Volt off grid hybrid inverter

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Luminous Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) is a powerful hybrid solar inverter with advanced mppt technology based solar charge controller, Digital display, and purely safe form short-circuits. 12.5 KVA solar PCU is Industrial design, heavy built for running power load such as 2 Air Conditioners and lighting load such as fans, lights, computers, printers, Xerox machine used in home, office and commercial space.


  • conversion efficiency up to 97% through mppt technology
  • Connect solar panels up to 10 kW.
  • Pure Sine wave output and multiple MCBs Protection for safety to connected load. 
  • Descriptions


    10 KW


    Sine wave, Mppt

    Power Load

    2 Air conditioners, Home appliances such as Light, fan, TV, Laptop, refrigerator and water motor

    Batteries required

    10 Nos. (150 Ah)

  • Technical Details


    Sine wave

    Solar panel current

    65 amps

    Solar panel voltage (voc)

    180 V - 300 V

    Charger technology


    Full Battery Recharge Time

    10-12 Hrs


    Inverter monitoring – Display

    Luminous solar inverters are made with customer friendly monitoring system, there are two kinds of display in inverters to monitor functioning of solar power conditioning units. 


    Led display

    • grid led (green) – grid power is available
    • pv led (green) – solar is available
    • inverter led (green) – inverter is switched on
    • battery led (green)- battery charging (blinking) / battery discharging (led steady),
    • fault led (red) – inverter is faulty  


    Lcd display

    • battery voltage – charge level of battery
    • load % - power consumption as a % of total inverter power
    • output voltage
    • pv voltage – solar panel generating voltage
    • pv current – solar panel generating power in amps
    • grid voltage – utility grid voltage level
    • grid charging current – amp with which battery is being charged
    • electricity saved - kwh
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