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Globe Solar - Fusion 4024 mppt charge controller 40 amps, 12 / 24 volt

Globe Solar - Fusion 4024 mppt charge controller 40 amps, 12 / 24 volt

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Fusion 4024 is a solar management unit which converts a normal grid inverter into hybrid solar inverters. The device is powered by latest generation microprocessor and Pure MPPT Technology. It makes your solar system generate maximum solar power – 30% more than ordinary charge controllers. The micro-processor enabled three stage charging ensures optimum charging of batteries which increases their life by 6 months.

This product converts an existing ups/ inverter into a solar hybrid inverter. It is a 40 amps pure mppt solar management unit that connects with single (12 v), and double (24v) batteries. 

  • Product details

    Product Descriptions

    System rating 40 Amp @ 12/24 Volt
    Charging current (max) 40 Amp
    Panel Support Up to 1,200 watts
    Technology pure mppt
    Wire Size (max) 6 sq mm
    Auto Battery Selection  12-24 Volt


    Special Features

    • Supports Up to 700 watts of solar panel (12 /24 Volt) on single battery and 1200 watts of solar panel on double battery system.
    • protections provided against short-circuit, voltage fluctuations
    • lcd display is provided for easy monitoring of the system.

    Display: LCD indications

    • power available - mains on
    • connected with electricity - mains connected
    • battery low warning
    • charging from solar - solar charging
    • rupee savings

    Display - LED Indications (ON/ OFF / BLINKING)

    • Blue Led On - Home appliances is running from solar panels
    • Green Led On - Solar Power is available. 
    • Red Led On - Battery is charging through Solar panels. 


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