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80 Ah / 2,000 Watt Hour Lithium battery for 24 Volt Home Inverters

80 Ah / 2,000 Watt Hour Lithium battery for 24 Volt Home Inverters

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Globe Solar Introduces future generation technology battery powered by Lithium cells for home, The Lithium battery can be used with a grid/ Solar inverter having CCV profile. Constant charging and a constant voltage is a type of charger require to charge a Lithium battery. 


Currently, This battery is supported by Microtek solar range of products which includes Solar Inverter 2335 VA models. 


A similar lithium battery is also used in Electric Vehicles, Telecom Towers. In this technology battery, Lithium is used as Anode, the charge moves from anode to cathode during discharge and cathode to anode during charging



  • 2 -4 hours battery full charge time
  • Double the life from Lead-acid battery having 2000 cyclic life.
  • Digital display in the battery to check charging levels 
  • Maintenance Free - No water top up required as it was in lead-acid batteries. 
  • Portable, lightweight, Aesthetically looks beautiful and safe for children.


  • Specifications

    Battery Capacity

    2,000-Watt Hour

    Battery rating

    80 Ah / 25.6 Volt

    Battery operating range

    Low battery – 22.0 Volt

    Full charged - 26.6 Volt 

    Charging current

    20 amps


    18 Kg


    380  * 340  * 170 in MM


    Backup time

    @ 500 watts

    @ 400 watts

    @ 300 watts

    @ 200 watts

    @ 100 watts

    4 hours

    5 hours

    6 hours 30 minutes

    10 hours

    20 hours

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